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Who We Are
At Trinity Church we are all about loving God and loving others. As an inter-denominational church it is a part of our DNA; we accept and embrace you just as you are. We are all united by our common faith in our Savior Jesus Christ. We believe that a daily part of our expression of worship is that we live out our faith together in community. Simply put, we are called into relationship with God and into relationship with our fellow believers. You are not alone, you were meant to walk out your faith journey with the support and friendship of your spiritual family.

As we endeavor to make room for God in our lives by putting Him first in all that we say and do, He draws us closer into relationship with Him and into unity with His family. This is how we fulfill our purpose and impact the world around us. “The world will know that you are mine by your love for one another” John 13:35. It is our hope that you will find that we are the spiritual community that you can count on to embrace and support you as together we grow in God’s love. May you find that when you are here, you are home!


Joshua & Jena Pantuso
Lead Pastors

  1. Joshua Pantuso Lead Pastor
    Joshua Pantuso Lead Pastor
  2. Sanford Williams Associate Pastor
    Sanford Williams Associate Pastor
  3. Mitch Silvia Children's Pastor
    Mitch Silvia Children's Pastor
  4. Chris Belyeu Head of School
    Chris Belyeu Head of School
  5. Troy LeBlanc Youth Pastor
    Troy LeBlanc Youth Pastor